Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whew, just ran 5.8 miles

I was supposed to run 6, but I got confused about my route and accidentally cut off a tiny bit.  I felt ok while running, but it was snowing a little (not like it was on Saturday).  When I got back, I realized I had run a very fast pace!  But not quite as fast as I thought, since I accidentally shortened the run.  Oops!

Yesterday I started learning to read Hebrew for when we go to Israel.  There's a requirement that you spend 8 hours learning Hebrew for the program, so yesterday I had my first 4 hours.  Next week I'll have the remaining 4 hours.  Now, you might think that 8 hours is not very much to learn to read an entirely new alphabet.  Well, that's true.  The class goes very fast, and our only goal is to be able to read, not to have any idea what we're reading.  I showed Sam what I was reading last night, and he laughed.  They could make us say anything, and we wouldn't know the difference.  It turned out I was saying, "Who is large? Dad is large! Also uncle is large!"

After Hebrew, I went to work a little more on my glass mosaics, even though it wasn't class time.  I grouted my second piece, and I did a little bit of work on one that is a present for my mom.  Mom, if you're reading this, don't worry, I won't spoil what it is.  But it's not my first try, so hopefully it will be a little better :)

Then I went to yoga, which was one of the less enjoyable yoga experiences I've had.  As with almost every class, what I've realized is that it's not so much what you're doing or learning that matters, it's the instructor.  A good instructor can make a boring subject fun, and a bad instructor can make an interesting subject miserable.  And it's the same for yoga.  I realized that I've been doing yoga on and off for almost 10 years, which is very strange to realize.  Anyway, yesterday was not the best.

We're getting ready for a big forum at work, and things have been super busy this week.  I feel like I've sent approximately a million emails.  But I'm having a ton of fun getting ready for it, and I like that I get to do so many different things.  I've gotten to coordinate speakers, design the program packet, research facts, figure out logistics, and a bunch more.  It's not all that science-heavy for this particular forum, but I don't mind the change of pace. 

Ok, now my sweat is making me freezing, so I'm going to go take a hot shower.  I'll do some more shout-outs to my donors in my next post, so if you want to be one of them, here's the link: My runner is totally wearing pants now!

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