Saturday, April 30, 2011

MIT 150 Flash Mob

This was so much fun!  We spent hours learning this dance, then performed it in a flash mob for the MIT 150 celebration.  The first video is all from above, which is a pretty cool view.  The second video is the one that was done professionally, so it has a bit more context and shows what happened at the end when we went outside.  I'm so glad we came back early from the bike ride for this!

And now I have some cool dance moves!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The possibilities are endless!

This post is dedicated to my dad, who wanted to see some pictures of things I'm eating.  Here is some frozen yogurt with kiwi and passion fruit sauce that I've eaten twice now.  It's delicious!

Did I mention we're in Israel?  Yep, my fiance and I are here with his parents, and we're having a great time so far.  There are all sorts of things to buy at the open air market, so I took this (cliche, I know) picture of some spices that we didn't buy but were really pretty.

And now I'm going to fight jet lag and try to go to sleep!  Good night!