Monday, January 30, 2012

14 miles on Saturday, but now my ankle hurts, and more shout-outs to my donors!

On Saturday, our long run was 14 miles - well, 14.55 miles to be exact.  Alan's phone tells us exactly how long it was.  But this was by far my most painful run ever.   I had been having a little bit of a feeling in my right foot lately, and on Saturday at about mile 7 it started getting much worse.  By about mile 9, I didn't think I was going to be able to finish the run, but obviously my personality wouldn't let me quit.  Luckily, Alan is such a great friend, and even though I needed to slow WAY down, he stayed with me and didn't complain, even though he really wanted to finish the run.  I'm lucky to have such a great running buddy!  I'm taking a couple of days off of running, so I'll cross train instead today and tomorrow.  Probably I'll swim or bike.  It's too bad, because the weather is really good for running today, and I'd like to be out there.  I think the problem is related to my shoes, so I'm also going to try switching back to my old shoes for a bit to see how that goes.

I would have posted a picture of my foot/ankle, but there's really nothing to see, it looks just like the other one that doesn't hurt at all.  Very strange.

Also, yesterday was our forum, and boy was it a busy day!  I started reasonably early in the morning, and was go-go-going all the way until 7pm.  It was very tiring, but it went well and I was very proud of our team.  We had hundreds of people attending the event, and I think most of them were very happy with how it went.  I got one really nice comment at the end about how this woman really appreciates that we have these events and that they're so well run, which made me feel really good.  But I'm also glad that we don't have another forum for a few months, because they're a ton of work and I am ready for a slightly more relaxed pace!

This is also my last week of classes, and I'm really glad about that.  I have one more class session on Thursday, and then I'm done for real!  Actually, if you count glass mosaics class, I'm not really done :)  I signed up for the spring semester, because apparently there's a one semester grace period where you can still get the student pricing after you're done being a student, so I thought that was a pretty good offer and signed up again.  I'm really enjoying it, and the non-student price is more than $100 more, so now seems like a good time to do it.

I'm also signed up for a glassblowing class in March, which I'm really looking forward to.  I've never tried glassblowing, but I think it's another thing that will make me the coolest person I know.  I'm enjoying having time to try things like this now that I'm done with school (or very nearly so!).

If you want to donate, I'd appreciate it!  Here's the link:

And a shout-out to my most recent donors - thanks to Jen B, Erin, Vidya, Clara, John and Sassy, Stephanie, and Tali!  You guys are so great, and I really appreciate your help at the midpoint!  Everyone else, feel free to try to be as awesome as them by donating through the link above!

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