Friday, January 6, 2012

100 days till the marathon!

It seems like a lot when I put it that way, but it's coming up in just over 3 months!  Tomorrow we've got a 10 mile team run.  I'm going to run half of it in my new running shoes and half in my old running shoes.  I read the book Born To Run, and it inspired me to try the new (or old, depending on how you look at it) minimalist running.  I tried barefoot running a few times, but I don't think I'm really cut out for that, especially in Boston in the winter.  So I got some minimalist shoes, the New Balance Minimus (women's).  They look like this.

I feel very cool when I'm wearing them.  But I'm being very careful not to jump into using them all the time, because you have to reformat your running style and you can injure yourself if you go too fast.  Depending on how the switch goes, I'm considering wearing them for the marathon!

As for fundraising, I'm very proud to say that my extremely generous donors have helped push me over $1,000!  My runner almost has pants on now!  Our team goal is to have raised $2,000 each by Friday, February 17.  We're celebrating by running 17 miles the next day!

I'm also making good progress with my thesis.  It's due January 20, and I can't wait to be done!  I have most of it written, but I still have to write the second part of the abstract and my conclusion.  Other than that, it's just revisions to go.

In extremely random news, I am doing an experiment where I am trying lactaid milk.  I've been a little lactose intolerant since about sophomore year of college and I've been using soy milk on my cereal.  I tried the lactaid milk yesterday and didn't notice any problems, so I'm trying it again today.  We'll see how it goes!

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