Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At English High School...

Last school year, the Traveling Programs went to English High School.  In October they had the Heat and Temperature program in the 9th grade.  160 students attended, and it was scholarship funded.  Here are the things the teachers had to say:

"Liked how it was very aligned with the MCAS standards for Heat and Temperature"
"[The educator] did a great job not just of demonstrating and explaining the concepts behind the demonstrations, but also of getting the students involved and managing the large group of unruly kids."

In November, they had the Motion: Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration program, again for the 9th grade, with 160 students, and again it was scholarship funded.  As one teacher said,"The content was perfect!"

As for a running update, I am happy to say that my heart is still intact after Heartbreak Hill, but I can definitely see how it's going to be quite a challenge 20 miles into the marathon!  It's not unbelievably steep, but it sure is long, and it comes after a bunch of other smaller but still intimidating hills.  Good thing we're practicing!

Also, yesterday I went running outside in conditions I would not have imagined running in, worse than in Minnesota!  It was 25 degrees with a huge amount of wind, and by the time I got back I couldn't feel my ears even though I was wearing a hat!

Ok, time to stop procrastinating on my thesis by blogging :)  It's due in 16 days!  Yikes!

By the way, here's the link to donate to my marathon effort:

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