Saturday, January 14, 2012

12 miles today and shout outs to my donors!

Today we ran 12 miles at our team run.  The weather was pretty nice for January in Boston, but it was pretty windy.  I wore my cool new shoes for the whole run today, which doubled the longest distance I had ever run in them in a single run.  Here they are:

And for comparison, here's a picture of my me wearing one of my old shoes and one of my new shoes.  I tried them on at the same time today almost incidentally, while I was switching into my new shoes before the run.  It felt really weird to have them on at the same time.  You can really see how much less substantial my new shoes are.  I feel so cool when I run in them.  And so far, my calves and Achilles are holding up to it.

My friend Fiona came to run with us today.  Here we are before the run:

And I wore my new glittens which were a present from my supervisor at the museum.  They kept my hands very warm:

Here's a picture of all of the members of our team who were at the team training run today.  We sure are a reflective bunch:

And here's the three of us after the run, only a little the worse for wear:

But my blister was significantly worse for wear, at almost double its original giant size.  Check it out:

I decided to pop it, against my dad's suggestion.  But the team coach recommended popping it, and I really wanted to, so I did.  It was really fun.  Now my toe is back at the normal volume, and I have a bandaid on it.  And a note to Keith and Rebecca: I'm wearing those fuzzy warm socks you gave me!

As usual, here's a plug for my fundraising effort.  Things are going really well so far, thanks to my donors.  I'd like to thank Keith and Rebecca, Lindsey, Sarah R, Sam N, Farah, my parents, Sally C, Sally P, Mike M, Jessica, Nancy and Mike, Debbie and Gil, Nicole, Bob, Louise and Jerry, Kirthi and Isaac, David F, Kevin M, Catey, Sarah S, Danny and Mindy, Lin, Connie, Pranay, Kathryn, Jayson, and Luvena for being so awesome and donating to my marathon fundraising effort.  You can all be expecting something in the mail soon!  Here's the link if you want to donate:  Thanks!

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