Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A quick update

Day 3 of training went well, but things are getting a bit more challenging. It's really interesting and fun, but it's starting to be a little frustrating that we're not as good at the skills as we'd like to be. It makes sense, since we haven't been practicing as much as would be ideal since we're squeezing it all into a week, but still. Here's a picture of a special thing I got to try today that isn't really part of our training:

Notice the robotic arm. And in the theme of putting up pictures of things I've eaten, here are some things I've eaten:

The first one is a veggie quesadilla and the second one is a cookie with ice cream on it. It has a name, but I can't remember it.

Yesterday we went to the Houston Space Center (I think I mentioned that), and here's a picture of me with a spacesuit:

Today we went out for that ice cream cookie thing after "work", then relaxed for a while, then went running and did some pushups and abs. I hadn't exercised in way too long, so it was good to get some exercise in. I feel much better now, and I hope I'm not too sore tomorrow!

We also went to Rocket Park after work. Here's a couple of pictures:

I'm exhausted! And I finished my book last night (the second one in the Golden Compass series, if you're curious). I'll start the third one when I get back. The second one was really good!

P.S. It's hot in Texas!

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  1. yay for pictures with sweet rockets!! and yes it's super hot here in Texas!