Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back in Cambridge, briefly

After dragging my body weight in luggage all over the world (ok, just Barcelona and Boston), plus two flights on British Air (Barcelona to London, London to Boston), it was fair to say I was pretty tired. Luckily, my bags both made it all the way to Boston, and with the help of some elevators I even managed to take them home on the T.

When I got back, I went to hang out for a while at my old house and pick up my cell phone charger and keys before going back to my boyfriend's apartment. He's home visiting his family, so he's not here, but I'm only here for about 24 hours before I go to Houston tomorrow. I'm not sure how the jet lag is going to work out. Theoretically, it should help me wake up early, which is not normally my strong suit. We'll see if that actually happens. I still need to unpack/repack for Houston, but I was too tired to do it today.

So tomorrow evening I leave for Houston. Monday morning bright and early we start training, and then we're there all week until Saturday morning when we fly back. "We" is the other girl starting the same program as I am, and me. Then sometime next week I'm going to go home to see my family. Did I mention I'm about ready to be done traveling? Whew!

Here's a picture of a pizza I ate on Wednesday night. Note how it's too big for the plate:

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