Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sitges, and a picture of the bottle-motorcycles

By special request, I'm including a picture of the wine bottle motorcycles from Freixenet:

After a rather long day at work, which included my first (and last) monthly state of the company presentation, my supervisor offered to show me around the town where he lives, which is called Sitges. The town is just a couple of stops beyond the beach I've been going to on the train. And it's so pretty! According to my guidebooks, and verified by my supervisor, Sitges is the gay capital of Barcelona, and possibly of Catalonia/Spain. And indeed we did see quite a lot of gay people and rainbow stuff. Unfortunately, my camera is sort of permanently on low batteries, so I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked.

Basically, we walked around some of the streets of the town, which look like this:

Then we walked along the famous street that goes along the beach, where houses that are not that large sell for millions of euros. The view is pretty fantastic, and the architecture is gorgeous, but I can't understand spending that much for a house. We wandered into a tiny art gallery, which was empty except for us and the woman sitting at the desk. She gave me a postcard as a souvenir. We also walked by an old church which is prettier than you can tell by looking at this photo:

There's a campaign going on in Sitges to turn some of the streets into pedestrian-only streets, and as a promotion for this, they have some giant shoes. I really wished my camera would work, but unfortunately I don't have pictures of the giant shoes. There were lots of kids climbing on them, too.

It seems like Sitges might be a fun place to go shopping, because they have tons of little shops with dresses and sunglasses, which are two things I want/need to buy. I suspect it might be quite expensive, though, since it's such a tourist hotspot. I did at least buy a chocolate with white chocolate crepe. Obviously, it was delicious! And much cheaper than Paris!

If anyone comes to visit me and wants to see Sitges, I'd be happy to go again! It was fun!

I could write more, but I'm tired, so I think this will be all for tonight.

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