Friday, July 17, 2009

My dad is here!

My dad arrived this morning, a little earlier than expected. Annoyingly, US Air flies into Terminal 1, which involves an extra bus ride once you get to the airport. I met him at the arrivals area and took him back to our apartment to take a nap while I went to work. I got to work a bit late as a result, but it wasn't a problem.

After work, I went back home to meet my dad, who had just woken up from his nap. We walked over to Casa Milà and the Block of Discord as I had done last weekend, and then we continued along to Plaza Catalunya and then to Las Ramblas. We wandered into a farmer's market sort of thing, where they had all sorts of fruit that I'd never seen before. I wimped out of getting any new sorts of fruit, but at some point I want to try a papaya. And maybe a passion fruit. Also, there were a large number of street shops selling birds and other pets in cages along Las Ramblas, which I thought was really strange. One of them seemed to be trying to sell a ferret. It's a really touristy area, so I'm not sure why they were selling them there. Who would buy a pet on vacation? Especially a bird! I don't understand.

We took the metro back and met up with my boss and his wife and another coworker to have dinner at an Indian restaurant called Namaste. The food was good, and not too spicy (good for my dad), but the dessert left something to be desired and the service was intermittent at best. I guess when waiters aren't working for tips, which they don't in Spain, they don't feel the pressure to be as attentive. Go capitalism, I guess.

Tomorrow we'll probably go swimming when we get up, then go to Park Güell, and then I'm not sure. The weather looks like it will be a bit nicer, luckily.

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