Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There's a science festival this weekend!

I'm really tired today, so this is going to be a short post, but I've seen signs for a science festival this weekend! Check it out: Note: it's all in Catalan, and there's no option to switch languages, but if you scroll to the second item (Programació), you can click on a pdf and see how many activities they have, and over two days! It seems like it's aimed at kids, but it's free, and it's in a park, and it's science, so it should be hard to go wrong. My friend from school is going to go with me, and my boss and his wife might join us. Yay science!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to give a presentation of what sorts of things I've worked on in the past, so I'm borrowing the 30 minute presentation we made for space class.

Oh, and I bought my tickets to Paris! I'm going to be there the weekend of June 19-22, and apparently there's some sort of city-wide music festival that weekend, so it should be fun!

Sorry, Eitan, no food pictures today. I'll try to remember to take some tomorrow if I eat anything interesting. I'll show you a picture of the jail for mentally challenged criminals that I walk past on my way to the train instead:


  1. From the picture, it is hard to tell whether you are on the inside or the outside of the jail. I second the desire for food pictures.

  2. It really made me laugh that you posted a picture of a jail for mentally challenged criminals to satisfy Eitan...seems very appropriate.

    With each post, I'm just getting more jealous of you. It sounds like you are really hitting the ground running!