Sunday, June 14, 2009

The beach!

For my first real weekend day, my hosts and my friend and her roommate and I went to the beach outside the city. The beach is gorgeous, and the water is warm, and I had my bathing suit this time, so we went in and it was so much fun. We also brought snacks, including this for my friend:

Yes, that's right, ham-flavored chips. Only in Spain. After a while the wind got the better of us and we decided to leave. Everyone else had the same idea, though, so the train was packed. The section we ended up on had a big group of kids, about girl-scout age, with some chaperones. I guessed that they were some sort of Spanish equivalent of girl scouts because they were singing the same sorts of songs as we used to when I was a girl scout. Of course, theirs were in Spanish, except when they sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" in English.

Then I made some dinner and showered and met up with my friend and another person from school to go out on the town. We wandered around for a while and stopped in a couple of places, including a place called Obama, but we couldn't find the type of dancing we were looking for, so eventually we just called it a night.


  1. Was this really on Sunday, June 14, or Saturday, June 13? If Sunday, what happened to Saturday?

    Does your friend have a name, and can other people see her, too?

    What happened to the heavily promoted science festival in the park over the weekend?

  2. I saw the photo, and at first I was thinking... CAROLINE EATING MEAT? My shock is gone.

  3. It's funny that they sang "head shoulders knees and toes" in english because we used to sing some verson of that in spanish (which I can't remember right now) but it totally had the same tune!