Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paella day!

Today was a good day. Work was pretty much the usual, but I was pretty tired. I'm a little worried that my project isn't going in a useful direction, but I have a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow to discuss it, and hopefully we can figure something out. Basically, the problem is that I think what I'm trying to do has already been done, and done pretty well, by several very large, powerful, bureaucratic organizations, and I don't see how I could really have much input, even if it hadn't already been done. But hopefully tomorrow we'll resolve my concerns. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

More importantly, tonight I had paella! Vegetarian paella no less! Here's a picture of the veggie version:

Looks delicious, huh? It was. It was prepared by my friend's roommates as a special dinner for the six of us: my friend and me, plus her two roommates and their boyfriends. In case you want to see the non-veggie version, I took a picture of that too. It's got sea creatures in it:

And last but not least, some very tasty cake. It was made out of pineapple, banana, kiwi, and both vanilla and chocolate pudding, among other things. Mmmmm.

The other fun (well, fun for the first time) thing that I did today was laundry. The reason it's fun is that there are no dryers, so you have to hang your clothes out to dry. Here are my clothes drying (note the clippy octopus guy holding my socks and underwear):

Also, I went running today with my roommate again. We did the same route as last time, and even though I felt like we were going faster, we finished in about the same amount of time. I'm telling myself it was because we had to stop longer at the red lights.

I learned a couple of phrases today in Spanish, one which means fast or easy (pim-pam), as in "I'm going to the store and I'll be right back, pim-pam!" (I'm not sure if that's how to spell it.) The other means awesome (se sale). According to my coworkers who taught me, these words are advanced Spanish, so when I use them, people will be fooled into thinking I'm a native Spanish speaker. I'm not so sure ;)

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  1. La paella debía estar rica.