Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yep, it's a stress fracture, but I'm only out for 2 weeks!

So I finally sorted out the insurance situation and went to the doctor today, and it turns out I have a stress fracture, as I had thought.  I got x-rays and everything.  It's pretty small, and it's just a stress fracture, not a complete fracture, which is better.  I have an aircast boot to wear for 2 more weeks (thanks Erin for lending me one for the last few days!), and then I'm allowed to get back to running.  In the meantime, I'm supposed to cross train on the exercise bike and lifting, so that I'll be ready to go in time for the marathon.  The doctor was really nice and she totally seemed to understand how I'm feeling about running, and she really helped me feel like it will be ok and I'll be able to get back to running in plenty of time.  So overall, good news! 

I'm also completely done with my thesis and with school, so that's a huge relief.  I'll get my degree in another couple of weeks, and that's it!  I can't believe that I made it!

For anyone who wasn't already aware, my birthday is tomorrow.  If you haven't donated already, a donation to my marathon fundraising effort would be a great birthday present!  I'm going to be 25, so you could donate $25 in honor of my age!  Here's the link: http://www.mos.org/marathon/meettherunners.php#lowenthal  I'm more than halfway done with my fundraising, and I'm really grateful to all of my donors.  I don't have any new shout-outs this time, so please donate so I can thank you on my blog!

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