Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm almost back to running, plus many thanks!

It's been a week and a half, and I'm only 5 days away from being done with the boot, if everything is going according to plan inside my foot.  I'm so excited to get back to running!  It's not hurting at all anymore, which is definitely a good sign.  And the boot hasn't gotten too stinky, luckily. 

Today I'm going to jump right in to the thank yous to my donors, because I'm so excited about how awesome things are going.  So here goes - thanks so much to Marc and Rachel S, Rachel P, Sam and Shari, Fiona, Brent, Emily and Scott, and Zuzka!  I'm so grateful to you guys!  I'm up to $2555 out of $4000, which is well beyond my halfway point goal of $2000 by tomorrow, February 17.  Thanks again to all my donors!  Only $1445 left to go!  Here's the link, as usual:  And here's an idea - send it to your friends!  Especially the ones who like science and/or kids!  I'd really appreciate it!

I'm starting to get into the rhythm of going to work every day.  Well, 4 days a week at this point, but hopefully it will be full time soon.  And of course, the last day of the week isn't all couch and bonbons.  I'm babysitting for more hours now, which is actually really fun.  When I have 5 hours with the kid, I can take her to do more fun stuff, like going to museums.  We've been to the Museum of Science and the Children's Museum, and both were really fun.  Tomorrow we're going to go swimming!  I used to teach swim lessons, so I'm pretty excited about it.  Apparently she's pretty enthusiastic about going in the water.  And this will be my first time navigating a locker room with a kid, not to mention the boot.  It's going to be interesting!

Work at the museum is going pretty well.  We're getting ready for a bunch of different events that are coming up, and there's a ton of variety in the things I'm getting to work on.  Life is pretty good!

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