Wednesday, April 11, 2012

$110 left to go! And 5 days till the marathon!

By this time 5 days from now, I'll be done with the marathon!  I can't believe it.  And I have only $110 left to raise on my fundraising goal.  Thanks so much to all of my donors so far, you guys are fantastic!  I'd like to give an updated shout-out to my most recent donors - thanks to Allie, Rachael W, Megan B, Jenny M, Laura R, Caroline M, Jenna, Holly, Masha, Matt D, Chuck and Cherry, David R, Doug, and Grandmom (again!)!  I can't believe how much support I've gotten from so many wonderful people.  I'm really honored!

If you want to join these awesome legions, you can donate here if you haven't already:  Soon I'll be able to stop posting about this!  My mom will be so pleased.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 5 miles, then we're off on Friday, then 2 miles on Saturday, off on Sunday, and then the marathon is on Monday!  Yikes!  I've run 340 miles so far in training.  I'm definitely going to need to get new shoes after this, but for obvious reasons I don't want to change my shoes right before the marathon.  And hey, I'll probably stick with these ones for another week so I can do the triathlon in them too.  And then I think we should get them bronzed.  Just kidding.

In other exciting news, tomorrow I get to meet the first woman ever to run the Boston Marathon.  Her name is Roberta (Bobbi) Gibbs, and she ran disguised as a man in 1966, before women were permitted to run the marathon.  I'm so inspired by her, and I can't wait to meet her!

Glass mosaics has continued to be fun.  I've just finished 2 more pieces I was working on, and I have to decide what I'm going to do next.  I have a few pieces of glass that I really like that I want to use, but I haven't decided what to use them for.  If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments!  The piece of glass that I'm most excited about is orange and wavy and clear and looks sort of like fire, maybe like a dragon would breathe out.  I was thinking of making a dragon, but then the instructor told me that a lot of people make dragons, which made me less interested in making one.  So sue me, I want to be original.  Oh well.  I also have some gorgeous blue pieces, some pretty greens, and one light golden orange.

Enough for tonight, I have to start banking sleep for the marathon!

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