Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks to my donors so far!

Thank you so much to my MOS donors so far!  I'm up to $150, which is a great way to take the lead on my team for fundraising.  However, I would love to raise more this week!  This week we got a list of the things that different donation amounts will pay for in the Traveling Programs.  Here's the list:

Museum of Science Traveling Programs Marathon Donation Amounts
  1. $10 - 100 balloons for shrinking in liquid nitrogen for our States of Matter school program
  2. $25 - A dozen wine glasses to smash using resonance and a speaker (no opera singer needed) in our ‘Now Hear This: The Sounds of Science’ school program
  3. $50 - A tank of gasoline for our small vans which will allow us to drive over 350 miles to serve schools and libraries
  4. $75 - One night stay at a hotel in rural Maine for an overnight traveling program
  5. $100 - 4 tanks of liquid oxygen that we can condense into rocket fuel for the finale of our Heat and Temperature school program
  6. $250 - A full scholarship for a traveling program assembly to visit a library or community center
  7. $500 - A full scholarship for a traveling program assembly to visit a school (serves up to 200 people)
  8. $750 - A full scholarship for 2 traveling program assembly programs at a school (serves up to 400 people)
  9. $1,000 - Scholarships for a full day of workshop programming at a school (serves up to 8 classes)
  10. $2,000 - 100 hours of staff time in the Museum shop spent building equipment like a musical tesla coil for our school program on sound that we are currently developing
As you can see, the Traveling Programs do a lot of cool things and reach a ton of students.  If you haven't donated yet but are feeling the holiday spirit, you can donate here.  Thanks again!!!

In other news, I'm home in Pennsylvania now and I've been running in the surprisingly good December weather.  I ran 4 miles today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also just finished reading Born to Run, which was an excellent and inspiring book.  I would definitely recommend it if you have any interest in running.  It's not a book about the mechanics of running or evolution, which is what I thought it was after hearing about it from friends and my brother.  It's a true story about the author and ultradistance running, which is anything longer than a marathon.  Who knows what I'll get into next?

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