Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring break

It's currently halfway through spring break, and I'm procrastinating working on my homework by writing in my blog. We're having two-a-day practices for crew, and we have our first spring race this Saturday. It will be nice because my parents are coming, and afterwards I'm going home with them. Other than that, I'm being a grad student between practices and going to bed early since I'm so tired, which is unusual for me. I'm also trying not to eat as much as I want to, since I have to make weight for crew!

This past Saturday was quite an athletic day for me, with 2 crew practices, about 45 minutes of bike riding, and about an hour of tennis. Needless to say, I slept well that night! I feel very hardcore for having so many practices.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the people from the hospital side of our study, who are responsible for the sleep side of things. They're really nice people, and their areas of expertise are very different from ours. It's interesting to work with them. I've prepared a spreadsheet of some cognitive tests and robotics tasks that I think would be good to have our subjects do. Depending on what happens tomorrow, we might have a lot of coding in our futures!

Next week will be back to classes, but it's about halfway through the semester already. Put another way, we're only halfway through the semester?! Sometimes it feels one way, sometimes the other. But I'm very much looking forward to warmer weather, and summer especially. I haven't been in Boston for the summer since the summer after my freshman year, and I'm excited. It is a much more friendly place when everything's green and the weather is warm.

Ok, maybe I should work on my homework now. Wish me luck!

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