Monday, September 3, 2012

Embarrassing injuries

I've had my share of embarrassing injuries.  The latest in this saga is that I think I pulled a muscle in my arm by shaking nail polish.  It really hurts.  Last month, I cut my knee by kneeling onto my fingernails while trying to get under the covers in bed.  So in total, I've gotten an injury by nail polish and a bed.  Not my proudest moments, nor injuries where you get a good story to tell afterwards.  ("Oh yeah, that gash on my face?  I was landing a flip on my snowboard and went through a tree.  No big deal.  Afterwards, I took myself to get stitches on my motorcycle.  What happened to you?"  "I was shaking some nail polish... really hard?")

Anyway, we're getting pretty close to packed for the trip.  This will be Caroline in another Spanish-speaking country: Chile rather than Spain.  We're going to be mostly posting on our other blog, The Adventures of Sam and Caroline.  I haven't decided if I'll keep posting on here much, but definitely check out our other blog, which we're planning to update regularly!

Here's my desk right before I completely dismantled all of my decorations.  I'm going to miss it!  And my job and my coworkers and Cambridge and so many things!  But we're going to have awesome adventures and I am extremely excited about what we have coming up.

And here's the packing process:

It's a messy and complicated endeavor.  But those piles are now (mostly) packed into our suitcases, and we leave on Thursday night!  Chile here we come!

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