Sunday, March 11, 2012

I ran 17 miles yesterday!

I can't believe I made it through, but I ran 17 miles yesterday with Fiona!  My foot didn't hurt at all, but my legs sure were tired by the end of it!  We made sure to do a lot of sitting for the rest of the day.  Stairs are sort of tricky today, but I'm feeling remarkably good, considering.  So I would say I'm fully back on the marathon wagon!  Woohoo!  Next weekend we drop the mileage down to 12, and the week after is our longest training run, which is 21 miles.  Running a marathon has begun to seem as insane to me as it did to everyone I told that I was doing it.  But I'm so happy to be doing it!

Also, I've been cleaning our apartment, and I got rid of and rearranged enough stuff to sell one of our bookshelves (the one from the back hall) on craigslist.  It's starting to be time to slim down the amount of stuff we have in preparation for our time abroad.  It's so satisfying getting things organized!  Maybe that sounds weird.  I know Meredith understands :)

The weather starting tomorrow is really looking like it's going to be spring.  I'm so glad about that, everything is better in good weather.  Yesterday's run was a bit cold.  Tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 5 miles, and it will be so nice if I can run in shorts and a t-shirt.

We've been working on another puzzle, and it's taken over our entire table.  Maybe 1000 pieces is too many.  But it's a little late for that conclusion...

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