Monday, June 27, 2011

Finishing up the last few details

It's been a crazy hectic time, and my thesis is a bit the worse for wear, but the wedding is finally coming up this weekend and I'm really excited.  There are a few last details to take care of, and our parents are arriving on Wednesday (we're so excited!).  Soon it will all be real!  We went to our friends' wedding this past weekend and had a blast.  This is really the summer of weddings for us - 1 in June, ours in July, 3 in August, 1 in September, and 1 in December - and those are only the ones we know about so far!  Next summer is already starting to fill up, believe it or not.  My fiance's brother got engaged last month and is starting to plan a wedding for next May, and there are a few others for next summer that haven't picked dates yet.  Anyone who wants us to come to their wedding should get married before the end of August 2012 though, because then we're going to be going abroad!  Another thing that I'm excited about :)

If only I didn't have this thesis to worry about, everything would be great :(  We're also keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, hopefully those isolated thunderstorms will hear all my wishing them away and they'll get the message and not happen.  Or at least not happen till the afternoon, after we're safely inside the reception.

One thing that has been super nice is how many friends and family members (and future family members!) have been so eager to offer their help with anything we need for the wedding.  I can't imagine how we would have managed without all the help, and it really makes us feel good that so many people are there for us.

Ok, back to work on the thesis.  I'll try to blog from the honeymoon in Europe!  It won't be Caroline in Barcelona, but it will be awesome!

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