Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's been rainy here in Boston...

Last Saturday I went up to Peabody to do a day of Habitat for Humanity.  As we were driving back, it started raining really hard, and the roads were flooding.  We were in an SUV, but by the time we got back to drop some people off in the dorms, the water was so high that the car stalled!  We had to get out and push it!  Here's a picture from after we got it to a parking lot on higher ground:

After the build day, my fiance and I went with my friend's boyfriend to watch her play in the pit orchestra for a high school level production of The Producers.  It was a great show, especially considering the ages of the actors.  The next morning, we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and we marveled at the oddity that is this blueberry:

It has 2 stems!  One coming out of each end!  Incredible!  Well, I thought so, anyway.  It's life and glory ended in the usual way that blueberries go, which is to say it was eaten.  I can't personally vouch for its taste, but the rest of the batch was delicious. 

Less than 4 days till my triathlon!  I'm very excited!  Perhaps I should be practicing my biking more, but I did get a fancy new pair of shorts for the bike/run and tinted goggles for the swim.  I checked the results from last year, and there were only 3 participants in my age/gender category.  I hope it's the same this year, since the top 3 get awards :)  We'll see.

Good night!

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